Access to Innsbruck

By Plane

Innsbruck has an international airport that is primarily served by Austrian Airlines or partner airlines. Several daily flights connect Innsbruck to European airports such as Vienna or Frankfurt . There are direct international flights at certain days from London, Paris, Amsterdam, Göteborg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Oslo and Stavanger.
In addition, charter flights are available from and to a number of additional European destinations.
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Intercontinental travellers normally connect via Frankfurt, Vienna or Amsterdam. As many intercontinental non stop flights arrive in Munich, this airport may also be considered as a final destination. Transfer from Munich to Innsbruck is convenient by airport shuttle service or train (approx. 2.5 hrs transfer time) or you may rent a car at Munich and drive to Innsbruck(2 hrs drive time). To order an airport shuttle from Munich, refer to

By Train

Innsbruck is connected to the dense European Inter-City railway network. Therefore, fast and convenient daily trains reach Innsbruck from all over Europe.

By Car

Innsbruck is connected to major European motorways arriving from the North (Western Europe and Germany via Munich), from the South (Italy via Verona), from the West (Switzerland via Zurich) and from the east (Hungary via  Vienna ). This means that Innsbruck can be reached by car within a couple of hours driving from large parts of Central, Western and Eastern Europe.