Technical Program

Technical Program

Technical papers in all areas related to noise and vibration control will be presented as part of the technical program. The broad theme of the Congress is “ Noise Control for Quality of Life ” and papers of specific relevance to this theme have been especially encouraged. The Congress will feature 12 parallel sessions as well as an area for poster presentation. Below is a list of the main conference themes.

Plenary Lectures

Marion Burgess

Research Officer School of Engineering and Information Technology The University of New South Wales, Canberra, Australia

Community noise management and control: successes and challenges

Otto von Estorff

Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg, Institut für Modellierung und Berechnung

Numerical Prediction of Noise Sources: Facts, Fears, Future


Keynote Lectures

Foort de Roo

New EU and UN/ECE Vehicle Noise emission limits and associated measurement methods

Takeshi Kurita

Reduction of external noise from Shinkansen trains

Wolfgang Probst

Prediction of sounds and noises for a better environment – scientific and political aspects.

Klaus Genuit

The need for transdisciplinary actions - Psychoacoustics, Sound Quality, Soundscape and Environmental Noise

Kerstin Persson Waye

Is it possible to achieve a healthy sound environment in hospitals?

Marco Paviotti

The EU noise policy after the second round of noise maps and action plans

Structured Sessions

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Tire/Road Noise - Low Noise Pavements

Tire/Road Noise - Low Noise Tires

Modelling and Simulation of Road Vehicle, Tire and Pavement Noise

Measurement Methods for Road Vehicle, Tire and Pavement Noise

Road Vehicle Exterior and Interior Noise

Noise from Hybrid and Electric Road Vehicles

Road Traffic Noise Characterization

Railway Airborne Noise

Railway induced Vibrations and Vibration induced Airborne Noise

Aircraft Noise Modeling - from the individual aircraft to the airport scenario

Uncertainty of Aircraft Noise measurements and calculations

Aircraft Noise Effects

Aircraft noise management and mitigation measures

Building Acoustics / Architectural Acoustics - General Topics

Measurements in Room and Building Acoustics

Prediction Methods for Building and Room Acoustics

Building Acoustics Properties, Regulations and Comfort Classes

Impact Sound

Insulation of Air-borne and Structure-borne Sound

Characterization of Structure-borne Sound Sources

Lightweight Constructions and Systems

Room Acoustics

Acoustics of Educational Facilities / Classroom Acoustics

Long and Short Range Sound Propagation

Sound Propagation in Built-up Areas

Standardized Noise Prediction Methods

Mitigation Measures and Products


Noise Mapping and Action Planning

Noise Monitoring and Measurement

Industrial Noise, Construction Noise

Noise from Recreation-, Entertainment- and Sporting Facilities

3D Sound Reproduction

Numerical Techniques

Sound Visualization and Aurealization

Active Noise and Vibration Control

Signal Processing and Analysis

Acoustic Metrology

Measurement of Surface Properties

Sound Power

Vibroacoustics and Vibration

Materials for Noise and Vibration Control

Machinery noise

Noise from Renewable Energy Technologies

Underwater Noise

Community Noise Annoyance

Combined Exposures

Environmental Health Impact Assessment of Transportation Noise at different Scales

Alternative Indicators for Community Noise Effects Assessment

Noise and Health related Quality of Life

Restorative Aspects of Sound Exposure

Psychological Effects, Cognitive Effects and Mental Health

Effects on Sleep - adults & children

Cardiovascular and other Somatic Effects: adults & children

Noise in Educational settings

Response to change through inventions - noise reduction or acoustic enhancement

Health Care Acoustics

Noise Policy and Economic Evalution of Noise Effects

Quiet Vehicles

Psychoacoustics of Environmental and Mobile Noise Sources

Applied Psychoacoustics of Machinery Noise

Soundscape and Human Resources

Soundscape Design and Interventions

Noise-Control Education Delivery and Technology Transfer Methods

Fan Noise

Ducts and Mufflers


Occupational Noise Exposure and Hearing Protection

Noise Annoyance and Communication Problems at the Workplace